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Instrument collection

The Cudworth Room houses the Faculty of Music's collection of instruments. Essentially, there are three elements to the collection:

Keyboard Instruments

  • Clavichord by Thomas Wess
  • Double manual transposing harpsichord by David Rubio
  • Fortepiano by Derek Adlam (A=430)
  • Piano by Erard (French) 1840 (A=438)
  • Chamber organ by Klop

String instruments and bows:

  • 9 Baroque violins by Beavitt, Ross and Haide
  • 4 Baroque violas
  • 1 viola d’amore
  • 3 Baroque celli
  • 1 Baroque double bass
  • 6 Viols by Arnold Dolmetsch (2 treble, 2 tenor 2 bass)
  • 3 Viols by Ubel  (1 treble 1 alto 1 bass)
  • Baroque bows for all instruments
  • Quartet of bows after Tourte by Philip Brown
  • Modern String quartet by Vincent – early 20th Century
  • Modern cello – English c. 1800


  • 5 Natural trumpets
  • 3 Natural horns (including one by Raoux)
  • 5 Baroque oboes (three by Pau Orriois, two by Jones)
  • 2 Baroque bassoons (one by Cronin, one by Porthaux)
  • 4 Traverso flutes by Wenner (x2), Weemaels and Bigio
  • 3 Renaissance Flutes by Stanley
  • 2 Moeck Treble recorders after Denner
  • Renaissance reocroder consort by Kobliczc
  • 1 Serpent
  • 2 Ophiclides

Instruments from non-Western traditions

As reflects its pioneering role in the study of ethnomusicology, the University has been the recipient of instruments from many different cultural traditions, including a Javanese gamelan and a sitar. 

Instrument Hire

Some instruments may be available for hire at a small cost per term. Please contact the Director of Performance, Maggie Faultless () for more information. 

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