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Prof Ian Cross

Prof Ian Cross

Professor of Music & Science

[on leave]

Faculty of Music
11 West Road

Cambridge CB3 9DP
Office Phone: 01223 335185


Ian Cross is Professor of Music & Science and is a Fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge. He is responsible for teaching science and music in the Faculty at Cambridge, where he is Director of the Faculty’s Centre for Music and Science (CMS). He is also a contributor to the University’s M.Phil in Film and Screen Studies. Publications include the books Musical Structure and Cognition (Academic Press, 1985) and Representing Musical Structure (Academic Press, 1991), both co-edited with Peter Howell and Robert West, the Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology (OUP, 2009; 2nd edition, 2016), co-edited with Susan Hallam and Michael Thaut, and Language and Music as Cognitive Systems (OUP, 2012), co-edited with Patrick Rebuschat, Martin Rorhmeier and John Hawkins.

He is involved in experimental investigations of the perception of tonal structures and of the role of culture and formal education in shaping musical cognition, and is also actively interested in exploring the general limits and constraints on scientific accounts of music as well as the relation between music and cognitive evolution. His current research focuses on the exploration of the cognitive processes underlying spontaneous interaction in speech and music (with Sarah Hawkins, Cambridge, and Richard Ogden, University of York), and on the relationships between musical group interaction and the development of the capacity for empathy in children (with Tal-Chen Rabinowitch, ILABS, Seattle), funded by the Templeton Foundation.  He collaborated with Jim Woodhouse and Brian Moore in the Departments of Engineering and Psychology on a Leverhulme Trust-funded project exploring the perceptual correlates of violin acoustics.

He is a member of the Committee and a Trustee of the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research (SEMPRE), and is a Governor and Chair of the Research Committee of the Music Therapy Charity. He is on the editorial advisory boards of Psychology of MusicMusic PerceptionAI & SocietyThe Soundtrack, and Cognitive Semiotics, and from 1997 until 2000 was the Associate Editor (English language) of ESCOM’s journal Musicae Scientiae. Along with Professors Graham Welch and Adam Ockelford, he is Series Editor of Ashgate's SEMPRE Studies in the Psychology of Music.

Departments and Institutes

Wolfson College:

Key Publications

Selected publications since 2012:

(for a more complete list and access to preprints of papers and chapters, see


Hallam, S., Cross, I.  & Thaut, M. (Eds.) (2016) Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology, (2nd edition). Oxford, Oxford University Press

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Journal editing

Franco, F., & Cross, I. (2012).  Empirical Musicology Review, 7 (1-2), special issue constituting proceedings of BPS seminar on "Language and music, meaning and entrainment", December 2012, Cambridge (see

Peer-reviewed papers

Knight, S., Spiro, N., & Cross, I. (2016) Look, listen and learn: Exploring effects of passive entrainment on social judgements of observed others. Psychology of Music, 1-17. [doi:10.1177/0305735616648008]

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Chapters in books

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