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Letter of Invitation

You will be notified of the outcome of your application by Letter of Invitation after the Research Committee meeting has taken place. 

A letter of invitation is issued by the Chair of the Faculty to all Visiting Scholars and Students. The letter of invitation will be forwarded by email and by post, and a copy will be sent to the visitor’s sponsor within the Faculty as appropriate.

The letter of invitation is used by the Faculty as a record of:

  • The dates and duration of the visitor’s stay in the Faculty.
  • The fee that the visitor is expected to pay.
  • The other facilities that the Faculty offers to visitors.

It is important that upon receipt of the letter of invitation visitors check these details to ensure that they are happy with them.  Questions regarding any element of the invitation letter and the facilities available to visitors should be addressed prior to arrival in the Faculty. Confirmation that visitors are able to meet the cost of the fee stipulated in the letter of invitation is required.

It should be possible for visiting scholars/students from non EEA countries to apply for entry clearance as an Academic Visitor upon receipt of a letter of invitation from the Faculty of Music.

On no account should you arrive at the Faculty without having received confirmation from the Research Committee that your application is supported and having received a letter of invitation.