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Graduate Supervisors

Sam Barrett, Pembroke College
Medieval song repertories, especially with Latin texts. Issues in medieval notation, transmission, composition and performance. Late antique and early medieval music theory. Topics in Jazz.

Stefano Castelvecchi, St. John’s College
18th- and 19th-century opera, particularly Mozart and Rossini. Theory and practice of textual criticism.

Richard Causton, King’s College
Composition and orchestration. Contemporary Italian music. Music in Europe since 1945.

Ian Cross, Wolfson College

Science and music. Music cognition, psychoacoustics, computational representations of musical structure. Music and evolutionary theory.

Katharine Ellis, Selwyn College

Cultural, social and political history of music; 19th- and early 20th-century France; music criticism and listener experience, sacred music, fiction, press history, women’s history

Martin Ennis, Girton College

19th-century German music (especially Brahms). Analysis of 18th- and 19th-century music.

Marina Frolova-Walker, Clare College

19th-century Russian music, Soviet and post-Soviet music. Music and politics, Nationalism, Socialist Realism.

Nicholas Marston, King’s College
Theory and analysis, particularly Schenkerian analysis; Beethoven; Schumann; source studies; text/music relationships in early nineteenth-century Lieder.

Susan Rankin, Emmanuel College
Medieval music, with emphasis on analysis and source work. Chant and other monophonic repertoires (9th-13th centuries); early polyphony (11th-13th centuries); chant within polyphonic repertoires (14th/15th centuries); musical notation (neumatic and later medieval) and palaeography/codicology.

John Rink, St John’s College
Performance studies, theory and analysis, and nineteenth-century studies.

Jeremy Thurlow, Robinson College
Composition. 20th-century French music, especially Messiaen, Dutilleux and Debussy.

Bettina Varwig, Emmanuel College
Early modern music and cultural history; history of the body and the emotions; musical listening; music and rhetoric; Johann Sebastian Bach and Heinrich Schütz.

Ben Walton, Jesus College
Social and cultural history of music in the 19th century, particularly in France; 19th- and 20th-century opera; musical romanticism; 19th-century music criticism and historiography; the transmission of European opera to other continents during the 19th century.

Geoffrey Webber, Gonville and Caius College
German baroque music and church music and liturgy of all periods.

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