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Music graduates are a lot more employable that you might think. The skills developed in the course of a Music degree are varied and extremely attractive to employers. A Music degree doesn’t tie you to a career in music, and it might just give you the edge in an increasingly competitive employment market.

  • 94% of Cambridge Music graduates are either in work or further study six months after completing their degree. This is a higher figure than for English, Maths, History, Classics and Philosophy, and more than for vocational courses such as Architecture, Engineering and Computer Science.
  • 80% of those Music graduates in employment are in a professional or managerial job.
  • Music graduates are highly rated by employers because of their broad range of skills. In 2011 The Confederation of British Industry highlighted seven core skills that define employability and, according to recent research, Music graduates develop all of these during their studies.

The employability of Music graduates is reflected in the broad range of sectors in which they work. It is perhaps surprising that only 35% are employed in artistic, literary and media occupations. Of Music graduates 25% become teaching or educational professionals, and 40% go on to careers in completely unrelated areas.

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