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Part IA

In Part IA all six papers are compulsory.

1. Music and Musicology Today
This is a three-part course that provides you with ways of thinking about music in today's world. The first part comprises a series of lectures about the main areas of musicology today; the second part teaches general 'music life skills' essential for successful learning in Cambridge; and the third takes the form of independent supervised study, leading to either a performance, a composition or an extended essay.

2. Music History I: Music in Sacred Ritual 800–1600
This is a conventional lecture course that familiarises you with a broad range of Western music of the Medieval and Renaissance periods, and the ways in which historical contexts shaped this music.

3. Music History I: Studies in Music from 1750 to 1914
This course familiarises you with a broad range of Western music from c. 1750 to c. 1914, taking into account changes in compositional style, and institutional, historical and cultural contexts

4. Introduction to Music Analysis
Music analysis is the attempt to answer the question 'how does this music work?' and this course focuses on selected genres and forms of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, teaching you how to apply analytical and interpretative techniques and strategies to selected compositions.

5. Counterpoint
6. Harmony and General Musicianship
These two courses develop musical literacy and historical awareness in the use of harmony and counterpoint through stylistic compositional studies, practical skills (at the keyboard or another appropriate instrument), and graded aural exercises.




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