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Part II

In the thrid and final year of the Tripos, you can choose all six of your papers. Papers a) to h) are available every year, and the rest change according to staff teaching specialities.

a) Analysis
b) Free Composition
c) Notation and Source Studies
d) Advanced Performance
(Instrumental or Choral)
e) Dissertation
f) Advanced Tonal Skills
(Composition in a particular style)
g) Fugue
h) Advanced Keyboard Skills
i) Polyphony in the 13th and early 14th Centuries
j) Monteverdi in Mantua and Venice
k) Rossini's Italian Operas
l) Brahms's Ein deutsches Requiem in Context
m) Klezmer and Song
n) Musical Countercultures of the 1960s
o) Music, Nationalism and Politics in Spain
p) Introduction to Music and Philosophy
q) Exploring Music Psychology



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