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Paper 3: Orchestration

This course teaches the skills and techniques associated with writing effective and idiomatic music for symphony orchestra. The focus is on practical skills in orchestration, but students can also expect to gain an enhanced knowledge and understanding of the orchestral repertoire to complement other Tripos courses and indeed their own orchestral performance.

The symphony orchestra is broadly defined here to encompass repertoire from the late eighteenth century to the present day; however, the focus is on late nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century music; and on orchestral forces of up to quadruple wind (including standard doublings), full brass, and limited percussion. As an option within Applied Tonal Skills, the focus will also be on styles of orchestration associated with tonal music; however, this is broadly defined to encompass many composers from Beethoven to Britten.

This option is assessed by a 52-hour takeaway paper that consists of orchestrating an excerpt of piano music for specified forces.

Lecturer: Mark Gotham

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