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Paper 5: Composition Portfolio

Aims and objectives

This paper, examined by portfolio submission, is primarily designed to allow students to develop the ability to compose in a manner and style of their own choice. The rubric imposes certain restrictions; the intention is to prevent a one-sided submission and to encourage variety in the choice of genres. 

Candidates are required to submit two copies of a portfolio of three compositions. Normal staff notation will usually be expected, but electro-acoustic submissions are also acceptable. In addition, each candidate will be expected to submit two copies of a CD recording, on conventional instruments, of at least one of these three pieces. There should be no discrepancy between the score of a piece and the submitted recording. 

Submission of the portfolio

The portfolio must be submitted to the Chairman of Examiners, with the first submission arriving no later than the last Tuesday of Full Lent Term and the final submission arriving no later than the fourth day of Full Easter Term. The compositions must have been written during the current academic year. Each work must have a cover sheet which has been signed by the supervisor under whose direction it was written, as an indication that the teacher approves its submission. Candidates will be required to declare that the compositions are their own work and that they do not contain material already used for a comparable purpose. Penalties will be implemented for late submission.

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