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Paper 8: Advanced Keyboard Skills

Aims and objectives

To develop further the keyboard skills taught in Parts IA and IB of the Music Tripos; to acquire a knowledge of the application of such skills in practical contexts.

Description of the course

The paper will be taught in a combination of seminars, run by the Faculty, and supervisions, organised by the Colleges.

Description of the examination

The exam consists of six components. Four are examined after a total of forty minutes’ preparation by the candidate:

  •  Harmonization of a melody in a late nineteenth-century or early twentieth-century style.
  • Score-reading 1: playing a passage from a sixteenth-century piece using any combination of C1, C3, C4 and F4 clefs.
  • Score-reading 2: playing a passage from an orchestral score dating from after 1830.
  • Transposition of a piece of keyboard music, limited to two semitones up or down.

The other two components will be given out at least three days before the examination:

  • Realisation of a figured bass on either harpsichord or organ (manuals only) of a texture involving either melody instrument and basso continuo or voice and basso continuo.
  • Accompaniment of a song or short set of songs.

The Faculty will provide the additional musicians required for these two components.

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