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Paper 17: Exploring Music Psychology

Aims and objectives 

What are the factors that affect our perception and production of music and how can these be studied? What is music’s role in health and therapy? These questions are at the heart of the wide-ranging field of music psychology and form the basis of this course. During the course, students will develop their knowledge of research in the field, learn skills to carry out studies, and refine their areas of interest within the topics discussed

Description of course

The course will consist of eight two-hour sessions in Michaelmas Term followed by two revision seminars in the Easter Term.

We will investigate the following topics of music psychology with two two-hour lectures/seminars devoted to each topic:

1) communication and collaboration in musical performance;

2) music, health and therapy;

3) generalisations and individual differences;

4) experimental approaches to music psychology.

Lecturer: Neta Spiro



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