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Paper 2: Portfolio of Compositions

Aims and objectives

This paper, examined by submission, is primarily designed to allow students to develop the ability to compose in a manner and style of their own choice. The rubric imposes certain restrictions; the intention is to prevent a one-sided submission and to encourage variety in the choice of genres.

Description of the course and of the portfolio

Candidates are required to submit two copies of a portfolio of three compositions. One piece should be for orchestra (with or without voices) or ensemble of no fewer than ten players. One piece should be no shorter than eight minutes in duration. Normal staff notation will usually be expected, but electro-acoustic submissions are also acceptable. In addition, each candidate will be expected to submit two copies of a CD recording, on conventional instruments, of at least one of the three pieces. Provided that the standards of playing and recording are of a reasonable level, the quality of performance will not affect the mark. There should be no discrepancy between the score of a piece and the submitted recording.

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