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Paper 3: Notation and Source Studies Portfolio

Aims and objectives

This paper is intended to allow students to explore notations and original source material from any historical period, ancient to modern. It is examined by submission.

Description of the portfolio 

Candidates are required to submit three projects involving the study of notations and of original source material from the Western art music tradition, of a length between 6000 and 8000 words. 

There is no limitation on the type of material to be studied; nevertheless, it will usually be the case that each project will deal with either the same materials (and ask different questions about them), or the same questions (explored through different materials). It is intended that candidates confront and find ways of handling issues thrown up by specific notations and/or types of source: the portfolio should therefore contain some original transcription, whether it be of complete works or extracts; and accompanying notes, in which the nature of the issues and ways of dealing with them are explained. If necessary, the portfolio may include recorded examples. Each of the three projects need not be of equal weight in the portfolio. 

Candidates are advised that it is possible to take this paper as well as a written notation paper in Part II, provided that the portfolio projects do not coincide with the repertories dealt with in any written notation paper.

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