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Paper 4: Advanced Performance

Option A: Recital


This paper gives the opportunity to demonstrate technical and musical ability on an instrument or as a singer, and the ability to present a public performance.

By this stage in the Tripos, students will have encountered many different ways of looking at music, and they are expected to use their knowledge and experience to enhance their performing skills, to create an informed interpretation and to develop a distinctive musical voice. Technical, historical, analytical, psychological and other issues surrounding performance will be addressed through three 90-minute performance workshops/seminars held during the year, which all students taking this paper are expected to attend.

Students will be encouraged to take part in ensembles and other performance activities (including outreach projects) within the University, Faculty, Colleges, and/or wider community, and to participate as appropriate in Faculty or College master classes and workshops.

Although not a formal requirement, we recommend that students taking this option should have achieved a result of at least 60 in the Recital component of Part IB Introduction to Performance Studies, or be of an equivalent performance standard.

Course co-ordinator: Margaret Faultless

Option B: Choral Performance 


In the examination candidates will be taken through a series of tests lasting 25 minutes, including

a) singing an extended passage in plainchant notation

b) singing from a facsimile choir-book of repertoire dating from the late 15th or early 16th centuries (white mensural notation) as part of a vocal consort

c) singing two prepared pieces of choral repertory (one from the 16th century) as part of a formal rehearsal with a vocal consort

d) sight-singing exercise as part of a vocal consort

e) leading a performance within a vocal consort from an edition prepared by the candidate

There will be 15 minutes immediately before the examination for perusal of the first two items; the prepared pieces will be announced at the end of Lent Term immediately preceding the examination.


Eight supervisions led by the Course Co-ordinator covering all aspects of the choral tests described above

Course co-ordinator: David Skinner

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