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Part IA Paper 1: Music and Musicology Today

The course is made up of three parts. The first consists of a series of lectures, which will progress on the one hand from contemporary practices of composition and performance in the concert hall to jazz, popular, and world music, and on the other hand through a range of topics and issues that between them touch on the principal areas of musicology today. The lectures will be linked to a carefully selected and structured set of both readings and recordings. 

The second consists of a series of music induction sessions introducing students to the rationale of the Tripos, and general “music life skills” essential for successful learning at Cambridge. 

The third part of the course takes the form of an independent supervised study, leading to either a performance, a composition, or an extended essay. Students choose one of these options following an introductory lecture on each of the three options. Students will need to hand in to the Faculty Secretary at the Faculty of Music Office a completed declaration form indicating their choice by Friday 28 October 2016, and initialised by their Director of Studies.

Course co-ordinator - Stefano Castelvecchi

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