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Paper 4: Introduction to Analysis

Aims and objectives 

To enable first-year undergraduates, partly through independent directed study: 

  • to acquire familiarity with and understanding of selected genres and forms of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries; 
  • to apply to selected compositions stylistically sensitive analytical and interpretative techniques and strategies; 
  • to communicate insights clearly and persuasively in the form of prose accounts supplemented where appropriate by musical examples. 

Description of the course 

A course of twelve lectures will be given during the Michaelmas and Lent Terms. The lectures will concentrate on the period to be examined in Section B of the examination paper, but up to four lectures may be devoted to setting out approaches to the prescribed repertoire to be examined in Section A. 

Candidates are expected to purchase a copy of the recommended edition of the prescribed repertoire to be examined in Section A. Copies of the works or movements to be discussed in lectures for Section B will be provided at each lecture. Detailed reading and suggestions for further study will be provided in lectures as appropriate.

For the 2016-17 examination, the prescribed repertoire for Section A will be J.S. Bach, Das wohltemperirte Clavier (The well-tempered Clavier), book 2, ed. Richard Jones (ABRSM, 1994). Section B will examine music of the period 1770 - 1830.

Lecturer: Professor Nicholas Marston

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