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Paper 6: Tonal Skills 2 - Harmony and Practical Skills

Aims and objectives 

  • To achieve some measure of fluency and accuracy in the skills of detailed listening; to develop a short- and long-term memory for musical shapes; to notate what has been heard. 
  • To achieve some measure of fluency and accuracy in practical skills; to acquire a thorough knowledge of diatonic practice; and to develop some facility in at least two of the following options: score reading at the keyboard; transposition; and jazz improvisation. 

Description of the course

The Harmony elements will be taught in Michaelmas Term through a combination of lectures and smaller classes; each student will receive two 90-minute lectures and three 45-minute classes, plus one 90-minute revision lecture in Easter Term.  

Aural skills will be taught in classes spread over the Michaelmas, Lent and Easter Terms. Students will be placed in one of three groups based on an assessment carried out at the beginning of the academic year; the number of classes will vary by group. 

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