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Why Music at Cambridge?

A course offering breadth and depth

Our undergraduate programme gives you an exceptionally solid foundation in the Western classical tradition, but you will also find courses in jazz, popular music and world music. The first year provides a broadly-based introduction to the subject, while the second and third years offer increasing opportunities for specialism, including substantial self-directed projects such as dissertations and composition portfolios.

Among the best music facilities in the country

As a music student at Cambridge, you will have access to a fully professional concert hall, a music library, and the Centre for Music and Science with its purpose-built studio and music computing facilities. Period instruments and a Javanese gamelan are available for student use. All this is complemented by the libraries, practice rooms and other facilities available in colleges, as well as by the University library—one of the world’s great libraries, housing over seven million volumes.

The Cambridge Collegiate teaching system

The college system means that you receive two complementary kinds of teaching: lectures and seminars by world-leading experts in the Faculty of Music, and small-group supervision within your college.

The vibrant Cambridge music and performing arts scene

Cambridge is home to a diverse and rich music scene which caters for music making at all levels.


Study Music at Cambridge