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The Cambridge Music Course

Our undergraduate course (or Tripos) is designed to introduce you not just to a range of music, but to a wide variety of ways of thinking about and understanding music. In the first year, the focus is on giving you a solid grounding in the techniques and history of the Western musical tradition, as well as an understandingof the many roles music plays in today’s world. We recognise that not everybody comes to the course having had teaching in all areas. The first year allows those from all backgrounds to gain the core skills needed for university-level music studies.       

As you progress through your studies, you have increasing freedom to take specialised courses in different kinds of music, and approaches to studying it. You may also choose to follow a particular pathway through the degree, be that in performance, composition, music history, ethnomusicology, popular music, or music and science. 



Course content for students joining us in 2021 are currently being reviewed.  Full details of the programme of study will be available here shortly.  In the meantime, please contact for further information.