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Jessica Tsun Lem Hui

Jessica Tsun Lem Hui

PhD Student

Christ's College
St Andrew's St

Cambridge CB2 3BU


Jessica Tsun Lem Hui is a Doctoral student based in the Faculty of Music at the University of Cambridge.  She completed her undergraduate degree in music at the University of Edinburgh and was awarded the Bucher Fraser Scholarship to continue her studies in Musicology where her research focused on the use of synthesised singing in contemporary Japanese film and opera.


Jessica’s PhD thesis expands on her master’s dissertation in proposing a cultural history of artificial singing.  Her research argues that the impulse for artificial voice traverses ancient and modern narratives.  From speaking automata to voice synthesisers, the project explores how the perceived alterity of synthetic voices have reconstructed ideas, customs and expectations surrounding “authentic” human vocality.  Jessica is particularly interested the phenomenon of virtual idols and the integration of AI into voice generation/editing software that can posthumously recreate the voices of deceased singers based on pre-existing vocal samples.


Bachelor of Music. The University of Edinburgh: 2012-2016

Master of Music in Musicology. The University of Edinburgh: 2016-2017

PhD in Music. Christ's College, University of Cambridge: 2019-present

Research Interests

  • Science and Technology Studies (STS)
  • Music and Digital Culture
  • Audiovisuality