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. Zhenglan Lu

. Zhenglan Lu

Visiting Scholar


Professor, Department of Art Theory, College of Literature & Journalism, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China.

Zhenglan Lu received her PhD from  Soochow University. She has been researching and writing on popular songs, semiotics of music, and   music and gender. In the last few years she has published A Study of Song Lyrics, Songs & Gender, and a few translated works.  

Her current research involves socio-semiotic study of contemporary music a project funded by the Chinese Ministry of Culture. 

Key Publications

A Study for Song Lyrics (Geci Xue), Beijing: Press of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 2007

Best Voice of the World, 24 Celebrated Song-Writers in English, Chengdu: Sichuan Art & Literature Press, 2013

Song & Gender, A Study of Popular Music in China Today, Beijing: Press of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 2013

Translations: Music, Meaning & Media”, (eds) Erkki Pekkila et al, Chengdu: Sichuan Education Press, 2012

 Signs of Music, by Eeero Tarasti, Nanjing: Yilin Press, 2014

“Intentionality in Writing &Reception of Songs”, Renmin Yinyue, Nov. 2007

“Ambiguity in Song Lyrics”, Ci Kan, July 2007

“Sound as Echo to Sense & Language of Gesture”, Chinese Comparative Literature, Jan 2007

“The Song as an Art of Appellation”, Renmin Yinyue, Oct 2008

“A Dhama Bum: Leonard Cohen and His Art of Song-writing”, Waiguowenxue pinglun, Winter 2009

“What Art is Not: Defining Art with Semiotics”, Yishu Baijia, Dec, 2009

“A Semiotic Approach to the Studies of Poetry”, Bulletin of Sichuan University, May 2010

“The Gender Signification in Song Writing”, Guizhou Shehui Kexue, Sept, 2010

“The Feminization in Recent Chinese Rock’n Roll Lyrics”, Xuexi yu Tansuo, July 2010

“A Response to Stuart Hall, towards the Fourth Reading”, Dangdai Wentan, March-April 2011

“Anxiety in Chinese Love Songs Today: A Semiotic Analysis”, Jiangsu Social Sciences, No. 11, 2013