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Danielle Padley


Danielle is working towards a PhD at Jesus College, Cambridge, under the supervision of Dr Benjamin Walton.  Between 2005 and 2009 she completed her BA and MPhil degrees, also at Jesus College.  During the interim years, she has worked as a Cambridge-based singing teacher.  As Churchill College's voice teacher (since 2012) she continues to be involved in awarding choral and instrumental scholarships at the College.

Danielle’s current research examines the trajectory of synagogue music in nineteenth-century Britain, assessed within the religious and social context of the early stages of the Jewish Reform movement. More specifically, she is focussing on the generally-overlooked Anglican church musician Charles Garland Verrinder, the first synagogue organist at the West London Synagogue of British Jews (Britain's first Reform Synagogue, founded in 1840).  Her project is inspired by her own background singing and conducting synagogue music.  A member of the choir of Edgware and District Reform Synagogue since 2000, she became Deputy Musical Director five years later.  In 2011, she was asked to take over as Musical Director and Conductor of Kol Echad, Cambridge’s only Jewish choir.

In October 2015 Danielle was invited by Professor Susan Wollenberg (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford) to co-present a paper at the ‘Jewishness in the Arts: Music and Composers in Nineteenth-Century Europe’ conference in Rome, where she highlighted particular aspects of Verrinder’s writing which indicated some likely practices at the West London Synagogue.  A revised version of this paper is due to be published in a volume of the journal 'Ad Parnassum Studies' in late 2016.




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