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Dr Héctor Fouce


Héctor Fouce teaches Semiotics and Communication Theory in the Faculty of Journalism at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). He is the director of the research group Semiotics, communication and culture.

His Ph.D. thesis was focused on the reorganization of music industry and media in Spain in the first years of democracy after Franco’s dictatorship, on the realm of punk and new wave influences. He has researched broadly into music industry transformation in the digital age, focusing in the role of copyright law on the new patters of production and consumption.

He has been Professor of Etnomusicology (Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón, 2002-2008) and Consultant on Music Industry and Popular Culture (UOC - Univeritat Oberta de Catalunya, 2006-2015). A trained journalist, he has also worked as pop music critics (2000-2012)

Dr.Fouce have been president of SIBE Society for Etnomusicology (2006-2014) and an international board member of IASPM (International Association for the Study of Popular Music) (2009-2013), acting also as Chairman of the Spanish branch (2000-2009).

He had been the editor of the Spanish journal ETNO and one of the founder editors of IASPM Journal.

Key Publications


2013. Made in Spain. Studies in popular music. New York. Routledge. (Martínez, S and Fouce, H, eds)

2013. “From the Unrest to la movida: cultural politics and pop music in the Spanish Transition” en Nichols, W.J y Rosi Song, H. Towards a cultural archive of la movida. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. Madison.. Pp. 37-50. 

2010. “Technologies and Media in Digital Music: From Music Market Crisis to New Listening Practices”. Comunicar, Revista de Medios de Comunicación y Educación, nº 34. Pp. 65 – 72

2007. “Crosroads. Intertextual practices and intelectual property “Proceedings from IASPM Conference. Rome. Universita La Sapienza.

2005. “From opacity to transparency: Operación Triunfo as new trends in music industry”, en  Proceedings from IASPM Conference “Practising popular music”. Montreal, McGill University