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Emily Spitz

Emily Spitz

MPhil student


Emily Spitz is a current MPhil student studying historical musicology, and a member of Girton College. Emily graduated summa cum laude from New York University in May 2015 with a bachelor’s of music in music education. Inspired by her own work as a classroom music teacher and her love of composer Paul Hindemith’s theoretical work, her thesis will discuss his move as a composer to an educator and his emphasis on writing works specifically intended for amateur musicians. She is being supervised by Dr. John Hopkins.

Beyond her fascination with Hindemith, Emily is particularly interested in music and philosophy in ancient Greece, Shakespeare’s use of musical reference, music labelled degenerate in Nazi Germany, changes in aesthetics after World War II, and the first British folk revival. When she is not researching, she enjoys performing on the flute solo or in a large ensemble.


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