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Gemma Salas Villar

Gemma Salas Villar

Visiting Scholar (February–March 2015)


Professor of History of Music, Composition and Music Theory Department, The Eduardo Martínez Torner Higher Conservatory of Music (CONSMUPA), Oviedo, Asturias, Spain.

She received her PhD and her Bachelor in Musicology and History of Arts from University of Oviedo, and her Bachelor in Piano and Chamber music in Eduardo Martínez Torner Higher Conservatory of Music. She has been researching and writing on Spanish nineteenth-century piano music, Spanish contemporary music, gender music and music education. She colaborated in Biographical Dictionary Spanish (Royal Academy of History, 2012) and the Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Spanish and Latin American Music (Ministery of Culture, SGAE and ICCMU, 2001).

Her current research involves Spanish nineteenth-century piano music, gender and performance studies.

Key Publications

The Isabel II piano (forthcoming)

”Pedro Pérez de Albéniz. Pianist and Teacher of Isabel II”. Symposium About Albéniz, The piano in Spain between 1830 and 1920, Journal of Musicology (Revista de Musicología, RdM),  fortcoming.

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