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Ján Tkáč


Born in Slovakia (1989). Educated at St. Michael's Elementary School and secondly at Pavol Horov Gymnasium in the computer science class. Since he was a child he was amazed by sound, music and creativity in a broad range. As a consequence of that, he attended music programmes in accordion, voice  and dance. His love of choral music started in the Slovakia’s best renown children’s choir Pro Musica.

Later on, in 2011 he founded the Cherchez l’Art NGO to nurture artistic ideas of young people. His BA and MA projects involved choral and solo voice compositions, resulting in A Song Album For Voice, performed by his own at his final performance, which is a setting of voice methods for development of music and visual creativity that can be built and approached as a concert pieces. 

He is also a proud alumnus of Anton Neuwirth Collegium which is a catholic liberal arts college for university students in Bratislava preparing young people for public service by means of studying moral and political philosophy.

More recently Ján finished opera programme at Conservatory Bratislava and interrupted his studies of orchestral conducting at the Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava to focus on choral practice at Cam.

Research Interests

Research interests: Liturgical music, relationships between catholic and anglican tradition, practical use of gregorian chant in modern liturgy, new music (particularly graphic scores).