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Juniper Hill

Juniper Hill

Research Associate, AHRC Research Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice


Dr. Juniper Hill is a Research Associate at the AHRC Research Centre for Musical Performance As Creative Practice and a Lecturer at University College Cork. The recipient of a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship, two Fulbrights, an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, and a University of California Faculty Fellowship, she has conducted field research in South Africa, Finland, the US, and Ecuador. She specializes in creativity, improvisation, pedagogy, revival, institutionalization, and intercultural fusions. Her monograph Becoming Creative: Insights from Musicians in a Diverse World (forthcoming from Oxford University Press) identifies social, cultural, and psychological inhibitors of musical creativity and proposes strategies for enabling greater creativity. Her volume The Oxford Handbook of Music Revival (co-edited with Caroline Bithell, Oxford University Press) explores the motivations, processes, and impacts of re-creating historical musics in contemporary societies.

Key Publications


Hill, Juniper. Becoming Creative: Insights from Musicians in a Diverse World. New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Bithell, Caroline and Juniper Hill. The Oxford Handbook of Music Revival. New York: Oxford University Press. Contents published online in 2013 at; print volume to appear in May 2014.

Selected key articles and book chapters

Hill, Juniper. 2012. "Imagining Creativity: An Ethnomusicological Perspective on How Belief Systems Encourage or Inhibit Creative Activities in Music." In Musical Imaginations: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Creativity, Performance and Perception, edited by David Hargreaves, Dorothy Miell and Raymond McDonald, 87-104. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Hill, Juniper. 2012. "Improvisation, Exploration, Imagination: Techniques for Composing Music Orally." Revue de Musicologie 98 (1): 85-106.

Hill, Juniper. 2009. "Rebellious Pedagogy, Ideological Transformation, and Creative Freedom in Finnish Contemporary Folk Music." Ethnomusicology 53 (1): 86-114.

Hill, Juniper. 2009. "The Influence of Conservatory Folk Music Programmes: The Sibelius Academy in Comparative Context." Ethnomusicology Forum 18 (2): 205-239.

Hill, Juniper. 2007. "'Global Folk Music' Fusions: The Reification of Transnational Relationships and the Ethics of Cross-Cultural Appropriations in Finnish Contemporary Folk Music." Yearbook for Traditional Music 39: 50-83.