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Malachi Apudo-Achola

Malachi Apudo-Achola

Visiting International Student


Malachi D. Apudo-Achola, Doctoral Candidate (@Technical University of Kenya, TUK), M.MED (Kenyatta, Kenya), B.ED-Arts (Music) (Kenyatta University), KENYA

 Position: Asst. Lecturer, Department of Music and Theatre studies, School of Arts and Social Sciences, at Maseno University, KENYA. Formerly a part-time lecturer at Kenyatta University –Music, Film and Theatre Arts Dept. (2008-2010) and Kabarak University-Music Department (2008-2015).

 Membership and affiliations: An active member of; International Society for Music Education (ISME)and International Council of Traditional Music(ICTM), Kenya Association of Musical Arts Education (KAMAE), Association of Music Educators of East Africa (AMEEA), Pan African Society for Musical Arts Educators (PASMAE), Kenya Music Festival Foundation (KMF) and Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama Festival Foundation (KSCDF).

 Research Areas: Music Education and Technology. Current Doctoral research is on “THE USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN THE DELIVERY OF HIGHER MUSIC EDUCATION CURRICULUM: A SIMULATED MODEL FOR KENYA”.

Music pedagogy; Exploring Theory and Practice of Teaching Technology Based Music Instruction in Higher Education music curriculum.

Curriculum Development: Participated in Music Curriculum development for Kenyatta University 2009, Maseno University 2014 and Kabarak Universities, 2015).

 University Teaching; Teaching, Examining and Marking University Exams undergraduate degree programmes(B.Mus and B.ED (Music). AREAS; Music Technology and Music Industry; Notation and Nwc/Finale/Sibelius. Theory and History of Western Music, Music and Dances of Africa/Kenya, Contemporary and Popular music. Music Performance; vocal tuition and Dance choreography. Instrumental player of various African instruments from East, West and South Africa.: Player of the Ohangla drums and Isikuti drums, Orutu, fiddle and Nyatiti, lyre.  Some of my Lecture classes on YOUTUBE at Maseno University, Kenya: Links;,,

 Conferences, Workshops and Seminars; Attends annual and bi-annual Kenyan Universities Exhibitions, ISME, ICTM, PASMAE and KAMAE and KMF/KSCDF conferences.

 Publications: Articles in Kenya Journal for Musical Arts, KAMAE-ISSN: 2306-0549. Papers in Selected Proceedings of 6TH AND 7TH Pan African Society for Musical Arts Educators (PASMAE) -2013, -Makerere University, UGANDA, Botswana University, GABERONE; Forthcoming paper in Vol.1 of the  Proceedings of 41st International Traditional Council of Music (ICTM)-African study group, Newfoundland, CANADA..

 Major Music Performances/Productions/Compositions/Concerts:I have produced several music albums/CD/DVDs of Choral music and popular music with groups such as Maseno and Kenyatta university choirs (Maseno BAND and CHOIR ) and three band groups of (KU CHOIR, AMAKI NGOMA, KU and ZIKIYA-KENYA,KU, ZEZE AFRICA BAND) performing Kenyan Traditional and patriotic songs, acapella and afrofusions.

 Grants and Scholarships: 2015: Awarded the highly competitive Commonwealth commission (SCS) UK-PhD scholarship for Split-Site Study tenable at the University of Cambridge, UK and Technical University of Kenya (TUK), 2012: Awarded meritorious partial scholarship for PhD degree at Maseno University by the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)- later transferred to TUK,2014. 2010: Awarded PhD scholarship by Kwa Zulu Natal University, South Africa but dropped due to Xenophobic wars.2003: Awarded Meritorious Postgraduate scholarship for Masters Degree at Kenyatta University.1998: Awarded Meritorious Undergraduate degree scholarship by the Visa Oshwal community at Kenyatta University.

 Other Leadership Activities and Mentoring programmes: Departmental Staff Secretary, Member of the Maseno University Band- Dance choreographer and Marketing, Departmental Marketing officer and Member of ZEZE Capella choral group. Part-time Deejay at Corporate functions. Community outreach through workshops and music activities and theatre workshops for Mentoring the youth countrywide-Motivational talks to schools and colleges- Aphiaplus 2012-USAID community project on Behaviour change, Millennium Villages-Youth empowering project and UMODZI –North South Collaboration between Maseno University and two Finland Universities/University of Dar es Salam/University of Zambia.

 Contacts; Email: Or Cell phone: +447442145064 or 0720 or 0733/561654/Whatsapp: Malachi Fortune Apudo ; Face book: Malakai Fortune: Skype: malachiapudo Twitter: @malachi