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Percy Leung

Percy Leung

MPhil student


Percy Leung is reading for a Master of Philosophy degree in Musicology under the supervision of Professor Marina Frolova-Walker. His dissertation explores the Soviet Union’s Denazification policies on music in Berlin between 1945 and 1949, focusing on the Soviets’ attempts in removing all vestiges of Nazism from the German musical scene as well as demonstrating their own musical dominance and superiority. He will also discuss how Soviet domestic politics (with a particular focus on the Zhdanovshchina) affected their cultural policies in Germany.


Percy graduated from Van Mildert College, Durham University in June 2015, with a First Class Honours degree in Combined Honours in Arts (Music, Politics & International Relations, History), and was also awarded the Director’s Prize for his academic programme upon his graduation. Additionally, Percy was the recipient of Durham University’s prestigious Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for Academic Excellence.


Percy is also a keen conductor, having conducted musical and cabaret performances during his time at Durham, and was Conductor of Durham University Hill Orchestra. He is now a Conductor of Cambridge’s Emmanuel and Corpus Christi Orchestra.


Colleges, Departments and Institutes

Corpus Christi College:

Research Interests

- German cultural history between 1919 and 1961

- The perpetrators of the Holocaust

- Musical life in the Third Reich

- History of the Berliner Philharmoniker

- Presidential-Congressional relations in the USA

- The Presidencies of Lyndon B. Johnson and Ronald Reagan