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Professor Xiaonuo Li

Professor Xiaonuo Li

Visiting Scholar

1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018

Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China


PhD. Professor, Associate Dean, Master Instructor of Musicology Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. The Secretary-General of Chinese Society for Music Psychology. Director of Shanghai society for Psychology. Her educational background includes Masters’ and Doctorate degrees in Musicology from Shanghai Conservatory of Music and postdoctoral research in the school of cognitive and psychological sciences at East China Normal University. Her major research field are “Music Analysis” and “Music aesthetic Psychology”.


Professor Xiaonuo Li’s books include A Study on Arch Structures in Music (2006, Shanghai Conservatory of Music Press); In the View of Aesthetic Psychology of Western Music Genre (2011, Shanghai Conservatory of Music Press); and Cognition and Psychology of Music (2017, Guangxi Normal University Press). As well as, she has published dozens of papers about music structure, analysis of music works, music percentage, and absolute pitch(AP) perception ability. At present, as the continue of her previous AP research, she study the effect of timbre on AP judgment and carry the The fMRI study on AP brain mechanism among students at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


In recent years, Professor Li has focused in particular on the analysis of combination between Chinese folk topic and western music structure. As the extension of musical analysis, she also interesting in studying music performance, which about the compassion of the relationship of the rhythmic elasticity between different performance and dialect pronunciation.