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Faculty of Music

Dr Raquel  Rojo Carrillo


Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College
Early music, plainchant, medieval Christian liturgy, medieval manuscripts, medieval Iberia


My current research is focused on the transition from the Hispanic (also known as 'Old Hispanic' or 'Mozarabic') rite to the Franco-Roman rite in medieval Iberia. Since these rites largely comprise chants, I study their relationship through interdisciplinary analysis of their musical repertoires. Before joining University of Cambridge, I was a postdoctoral researcher of ERC, AHRC and Leverhulme research projects exploring the Old Hispanic rite at University of Bristol. Previously, I completed my PhD studies at University of Bristol, and an MA in Hispanic Music at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Since 2016, l serve as the Coordinator of Hispanic Sources for the Spanish Early Music Manuscripts database. I am also a member, since 2011, of the research project 'El canto llano en la época de la polifonía' at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. I have a BA in Music (Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid) and a BA in Social Communications, Audiovisual (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas).


Christian liturgies in medieval Iberia (Old Hispanic, Roman and Neo-Mozarabic rites) and their musical repertoires. Musical and textual palaeography. Liturgical manuscripts from the middle ages.


Key publications: 



Raquel Rojo Carrillo, Text, Liturgy, and Music in the Hispanic Rite: The Vespertinus Genre. Currents in Latin American and Iberian Music (Oxford University Press: 2021).

Book chapters

Raquel Rojo Carrillo and Emma Hornby, ‘The liturgical year in the Old Hispanic rite’, in Emma Hornby, Kati Ihnat, Rebecca Maloy, and Raquel Rojo Carrillo, Liturgical and Musical Culture in Early Medieval Iberia: Decoding a Lost Tradition (Cambridge University Press: 2022).

Emma Hornby and Raquel Rojo Carrillo, ‘Old Hispanic liturgical manuscripts’, in Hornby et al., Liturgical and Musical Culture.

Emma Hornby and Raquel Rojo Carrillo, ‘Old Hispanic genres: chants, prayers, and readings’, in Hornby et al., Liturgical and Musical Culture.

Emma Hornby and Raquel Rojo Carrillo, ‘The Old Hispanic liturgical day', in Hornby et al., Liturgical and Musical Culture.

Emma Hornby, Rebecca Maloy and Raquel Rojo Carrillo, ‘Old Hispanic musical notation: its characteristics and an analytical methodology’, in Hornby et al., Liturgical and Musical Culture.

Rojo Carrillo, Raquel, 'Old Hispanic chant manuscripts of Toledo: testimonies of a local or of a wider tradition?', in Beale-Rivaya, Yasmine and Jason Busic (eds.), A Companion to Medieval Toledo: Reconsidering the Canons (Brill's Companions to European History, Volume: 16. Brill: 2018), 97-139.


Raquel Rojo Carrillo and Marie Winkelmüller-Urechia, ‘Liturgical Chant Bibliography 30’, Plainsong and Medieval Music 30/2 (2021).

David Andrés Fernández, Carmen Julia Gutiérrez, Emma Hornby, and Raquel Rojo Carrillo, ‘Processions and their chants in the Old Hispanic liturgy’, Traditio 75 (2020), 177–223. DOI:

Raquel Rojo Carrillo and Marie Winkelmüller-Urechia, ‘Liturgical Chant Bibliography 27/28’, Plainsong and Medieval Music 28/2 (2019), 165–214. DOI: 10.1017/S096113711900010X

Conference proceedings

Raquel Rojo Carrillo, ‘The vespertini as witnesses to the transmission of Old Hispanic chant in traditions A and B’, in IMS Study Group Cantus Planus: Papers read at the XVII meeting, Venice, Italy, 28 July – 1 August 2014, ed. James Borders (Venice: Edizioni Fondazione Levi, 2020), 293-309.

Raquel Rojo Carrillo, ‘El canto hispánico: nuevos temas, métodos y herramientas de estudio’, Actas do I Encontro Ibero-Americano de Jovens Musicólogos: Por uma Musicologia Criativa…, ed. Marco Brescia (Lisboa: Tagus-Atlanticus Associaçao Cultural: 2012), pp. 898-913.

Rojo Carrillo, Raquel: descriptions of Hispanic rite chant manuscripts for the Spanish Early Music Manuscripts Database, (2017-).

Emma Hornby, Rebecca Maloy, Raquel Rojo Carrillo and Paul Rouse (1/4 responsibility each), digital exhibition 'Medieval Fragments: Old Hispanic chant vestiges', (2017).

Emma Hornby, Elsa de Luca, Raquel Rojo Carrillo, et al., neume taxonomies for the Chant Editing and Analysis Program, (2013-).

Other Professional Activities

Peer-reviewer for the journal Anuario Musical.

Peer-reviewer for the journal Cuadernos de Música Iberoamericana.

Honorary Research Associate, University of Bristol.

Contact Details

+44 (0) 1223 761406