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Theodoretus Breen

Theodoretus Breen

MPhil student


Theodoretus Breen is currently pursuing an M.Phil in Music Studies. A member of Christ's College, Theodoretus previously attended Harvard University, graduating with a bachelor's degree in English.

At Cambridge, Theodoretus hopes to combine his interests in music and language by looking at the earliest surviving Western polyphonic repertories with vernacular lyrics. Attention will likely be paid to (dis)continuities—aesthetic, linguistic, etc.—with monophonic repertories, interactions of text and music, treatment of voice, presentations/performances of subjectivity, and the overarching social/political forces that motivated the artistic decisions made in crafting vernacular polyphony.



Colleges, Departments and Institutes

Christ's College:

Research Interests

Polyphony, manuscript culture, internet culture, technology & culture