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Tianxing Yang

Tianxing Yang

Visiting International Student


Tianxing Yang, from Yang Zhou, China, is a PHD candidate from Zhejiang University, she has deep interest in ancient Chinese music, she has learned qin from different qin schools in China. In her spare time, she enjoys playing piano, bamboo flute, cucurbit flute and so on.

During her years at university, Tianxing Yang was a Chinese language teacher as well as an ancient Chinese music teacher, she volunteered to teach foreign students to play qin, and was invited by universities from USA, Australia and Thailand to perform qin music.

Tianxing Yang’s research project in Zhejiang university was focus on the history of qin music, supervised by Prof. Jingnan Shu. Tianxing Yang leads  project: Development of qin music since Song Dynasty, the project is funded by Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences, she is also a core member of project: Research on traditional Chinese Ritual documents, which is supported by National Social Science Fund.

With the support from the China Scholarship Council, Tianxing Yang will continue her work on qin history in Cambridge, she will learn the cutting-edge theories of foreign music with the help of academic platform in the Faculty of Music.