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Choral Awards and Organ Scholarships

Student organists and choristers form a very important strand of the rich musical life in Cambridge, providing music for regular chapel services. They also perform in college concerts and some undertake tours in the UK or abroad. The awards vary from college to college, but all include a small financial award and some support for music lessons.

If you wish to be considered for an Organ Scholarship, you must submit your application for the Scheme by 1 September 2017.

If you’d like to apply for a Choral Award, the application deadline is 15 February 2017.

Graduate students admitted to the University who wish to apply for organ scholarships or choral awards are welcome to contact the co-ordinators of the schemes: for choral awards, Dr Daniel Trocmé-Latter,; for organ scholarships, Mr Andrew Arthur,

Find out more about the Choral Award and Organ Scholarship Schemes.