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What happens at the audition?

For the first round auditions, you will be asked to play a set piece specified by the examiners (an accompanist or other instrumentalist will be provided as required - you are not permitted to bring your own accompanist). You may also be required to do some sight-reading.

If successful at the first round auditions, candidates will be invited back to the second round auditions. At second round auditions candidates will be placed in chamber groups with other candidates and are required to play set pieces of chamber repertoire.


Round 1 Individual Pieces 2018

Violin: Brahms Violin Sonata in D minor 1st movement

Viola: Max Bruch Romance opus 85

Cello: Schumann Fantasie Stücke No.1 and 2

Double Bass: Bottesini Elegy in D major

Piano: Brahms Violin Sonata in D minor 1st movement

Harp: Pierne Impromptu-Caprice opus 9

Flute: Frank Martin Ballade

Oboe: Colin Solo de Concours No.8

Clarinet: Gaubert Fantasie

Bassoon: Grovlez Sicilienne & Allegro Giocoso

Horn: Franz Strauss Intro, Theme and Variations

Trumpet: Malcolm Arnold Fantasy for Trumpet

Trombone: Malcolm Arnold Fantasy for Trombone

Tuba: Malcolm Arnold Fantasy for Tuba


Round 2 Ensemble Pieces 2018

Brass players may be required to play in second round groups but are
not required to prepare any repertoire in advance

Wind Quintet: Paul Patterson Folk song arrangements Westerly Winds – No.2 Widecombe Jan and No.4 The Looe Bar Lady

String Quartet: Haydn op. 71 No.2, 1st and 2nd movement

Piano Trio: Schubert: Piano trio in E-flat major, D. 929, 1st movement

Candidates selected for Round 2 should be prepared to play any part from the pieces listed above relevant to their instrument. Parts will be made available using Dropbox. An e-mail with the link will be circulated by 1 June.


Horn players will receive a single audition, at which they will be asked to express a preference for playing in either a wind or brass group.

Candidates should not play repeats in any of the set works.


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