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MPhil: Performance Studies Pathway

Students on the Performance Studies pathway of the MPhil in Music take two plenary courses (Musicology and its Debates; Music Skills) and benefit from specialist teaching normally offered in the form of seminar courses. Most Performance Studies candidates take two such courses, which cover key subdisciplinary areas and methodologies. The seminar course on Techniques of Performance Studies is required of candidates on this pathway. In addition, students on the Performance Studies pathway who choose the recital option are required, at their own expense, to take 20 hours of instrumental or vocal lessons with a teacher approved by the Faculty.

An individual project is completed by all MPhil students, and in the case of Performance Studies there are two options:

  • Dissertation option: an essay of 15,000 words on a performance-related topic;
  • Recital option: a recital lasting approximately 50 to 60 minutes plus a related essay of not more than 7,500 words (the recital and essay will be assessed as an integrated submission).

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