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Charles Pardoe

Charles Pardoe

PhD student


Following degrees in Music, (B.A., MSc.R.), I am undertaking doctoral research in organology, the branch of musicology concerned with musical instruments. I am interested in the history, theory and practice of tuning stringed instruments.

My current focus is on the conception of musical instruments as generators of musical meaning, whereupon theories of practice, and practices from which theories arise, are modulated and contested through their functioning as ‘mediating sites’ of aesthetic experience.  I examine this conception through medieval theories and practices of tuning fretted chordophones, and the consequences of their interaction upon these instruments’ cultural status. The investigation spans roughly 800-1600 A.D. in tracing the thought of those from Al-Kindi to Mersenne. Many disciplines speak to this enquiry, with critical insights emanating from the humanities, natural and moral sciences.

I am also interested in recent organological developments, particularly those of instrument technologies and the place of electricity in recent music making. I’d be happy to hear from anyone with literature or insights to share on these and related topics.




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