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Faculty of Music


This page contains general information for Faculty Staff.  If you are a current postgraduate or undergraduate student, please visit our Current Students section.

Committees and Working Parties
Academic Leave
Policies and Procedures
Travel Insurance & Risk Assessment
Travel & Materials Funding
Research Support
Research Ethics
Personal & Professional Development
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Committees and Working Parties

An overview of the application process for sabbatical leave can be found here.  For details of other types of leave, please contact the .

The main Faculty policies are hosted on our web pages for current students.  For queries about these or other Faculty policies and procedures or please contact the .

Most University policy is hosted online with key policies available as follows:

When planning to travel on University business, Faculty staff (including post-docs) and graduate students must read the Universities guidance on working away and then complete the relevant risk assessment and take out University travel insurance prior to travel. 

Travel risk assessment forms should be signed off by the Faculty Manager prior to travel please email to 


If you are organising a field trip for students, you should also apply for insurance to cover this in advance of the event.

If you are planning a longer (30+ days) research trip or undertaking fieldwork away from Cambridge, please take some time to review the enhanced University guidance on risk assessment as relevant for your activity and take further advice from the

The Faculty is able to offer small-scale funding to support academic colleagues with their research activity.  Further information is available here.

The Faculty's Research Committee has developed a resource for academic colleagues seeking research grants with all details available here.

Faculty Guidelines are available on our website and additional University resources are available here.

The University offers a range of resources and programmes for those involved in teaching, research, leadership and the delivery of professional services as well as an extensive IT training programme.  Faculty staff are encouraged to take advantage of these programmes.

You may find additional information of interest available on the University's webpages for Staff.

If you spot any errors on this page or would like to see additional information added, please contact the .