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Use iDiscover to search the University’s libraries print and online collections using a single search. Find books, ebooks, printed music, sound and video recordings, open access content and more. 

Search tips for music are available in online help and in the Music Libguide

Pendlebury Library

University Library Music Department

Not all notated music can be found using iDiscover. Some archival material is catalogued in ArchiveSearch whilst a large proportion of printed music can be located using the card catalogues in the Anderson Room. The department also has a significant number of uncatalogued items. 

Other catalogues and resources


Cambridge LibGuides provide a wide range of catalogues and finding aids to various resources, including musicebooks, eresources and ejournalsaudio-visual resources and film.


Music @ 75

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Monday–Friday: 9.30am–5.30pm
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Monday–Friday: 9.30am–1.00pm; 2.00pm–5.00pm
Saturday and Sunday: closed

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