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Faculty of Music

CMS Studio (photo: Mustafa Beg)

The Faculty operates a full-equipped studio within our Centre for Music and Science for use by staff and students at all levels with induction and support provided by the CMS Technical Specialist, Dr Myles Eastwood (mjfe2).

The facility comprises two isolated spaces, Studios 1 and 2, which can be booked for any audio-related activity, from multitrack recording and electronic composition to psychology experiments and deep listening.

A wide selection of capable software, high-quality playback systems (in stereo and various surround configurations), and numerous bits of hardware ranging from user-friendly portable recorders to industry-standard microphones. 

The two Studios can be booked together and patched into each other in a traditional control room/studio configuration, as well as patched into the Concert Hall and Recital Room depending on the user's needs. For electroacoustic composers the 8-channel playback rig in Studio 1 mirrors the 8-channel system recently installed in the Recital Room.