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If you are supporting a young person who is thinking about their university options, it is likely that you have your own questions and concerns about them entering higher education.

We value enormously the support and encouragement that teachers, tutors, and HE advisers give to students who may be thinking of applying here. You'll find lots of useful advice and guidance, both subject-specific and University-wide, in the links below.


Other invaluable resources and programmes for teachers include:

  • Four Score and More offers a huge number of music theory completion exercises based on Bach Chorales and 19th-Century Lieder. The website also provides a selection of interactive introductions to musical scores.
  • The Prince’s Teaching Institute has worked in partnership with the University of Cambridge since the charity was created in 2006. Many of its academic speakers are drawn from Cambridge faculties.

  • HE+ is a collaborative programme between the University of Cambridge and its Colleges, working together with groups of state schools and colleges in 20 regions of the UK. 

  • Villiers Park is a national charity committed to equality in educational outcomes, access to HE and careers.