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Cambridge University Library The University of Cambridge has many research resources relating to music on offer. They range from archives, printed collections and electronic resources to research centers and societies.


University Library Composer archives

College Archives

  • Janus provides access to more than 1800 catalogues of archives held throughout Cambridge

Library collections

University Library

  • Music Department. The collection of printed music and books on music is one of the largest in the country. Under the provisions of legal deposit, the library has a right to receive all books and music published in the British Isles.
  • Manuscripts. The collection of music manuscripts contains a number of significant items. Among the many medieval liturgical manuscripts are important sources for English plainsong. From the early 17th century there are several volumes of lute and broken consort music. In recent years autograph manuscripts by many 20th-century British composers have been acquired.
  • Rare Books and early printed music. The Library has extensive holdings of early editions, including musical incunabula as well as 16th- and early 17th-century part-books, 18th-century instrumental music, early editions of Haydn and treatises on music.
  • Concert Programmes
  • Microfilms

Pendlebury Library of Music

  • Collections containing books, scores, sound recordings, facsimiles, microfilms and digital images supporting Faculty teaching and research.

Fitzwilliam Museum

  • Collection of manuscripts, music and printed books. The Fitzwilliam Museum’s music holdings include a very important Handel collection.

College Libraries

Many have significant and extensive research collections, some of which relate to or include music. A selection:

Electronic resources

Ebooks, ejournals, edatabases, sound recordings, manuscripts, scores and much more are accessible via: