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How To Apply

There is no typical Music student at Cambridge. While entry to Cambridge is certainly competitive, if you are among the brightest students in your school or college, if you are really interested in music, and if you are on course to achieve top grades in your forthcoming exams, you should definitely consider applying. You are likely to be a serious candidate.

We welcome and warmly encourage applications from talented students from every educational and social background. We seek students with diverse casts of mind, and diverse personal, ethnic, educational, and geographical backgrounds. What we all share is intellectual curiosity, and delight in the subject. Our Students have initiative in solving puzzles or finding topics for enquiry for themselves. They have the capacity to manage the independent parts of their studies, and meet their deadlines.


In Cambridge, admissions are handled by individual Colleges, so you should consult the webpage of the College to which you would like to apply (or to which you are assigned, if you make an Open Application) for details of the likely format of the interview, or any written test.

For general guidelines, advice, and deadlines, please visit the University's Undergraduate Admissions pages:

There's no common format written assessment for Music – the Colleges will assess aptitude, knowledge base and potential through short tasks at the time of interview (if interviewed). See individual College websites for details and the Colleges provide details of arrangements in the letters inviting applicants to interview:

Please note that your performance in the assessment at interview will not be considered in isolation, but will be taken into account alongside the other elements of your application.