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Choir 2

Choral Awards

Choral Award-holders are required to sing in the choir of their College chapel, attending regular rehearsals and services. Most Colleges also expect Choral Award-holders to play an active role in College music-making. The responsibilities of Choral Award-holders vary greatly from College to College and are outlined on the relevant College websites.

A Choral Award comes with a small financial award each year, which is the same across all Colleges participating in the Intercollegiate Choral Awards Scheme; however, the true value of the Award lies in the educational, social, and cultural opportunities and training made available to the holder, facilitating their intellectual and personal development in support of and far beyond the academic subject they happen to be studying. A Cambridge Choral Award is also an excellent addition to a CV: it demonstrates that the recipient is committed, reliable, and highly-skilled.

For more information on the Choral Awards Scheme please click here.


Organ Scholarships

Organ Scholarships in Cambridge offer unparalleled opportunities to talented organists who wish to develop their skills significantly during the period of their academic studies. The College Chapels in Cambridge contain some of the finest organs in the UK, providing a superb facility for those holding these awards.

Visit here for more information about the Organ Scholarships available at Cambridge.