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Faculty of Music

Gamelan 3

The Faculty hosts an excellent collection of instruments which are available for student use.

Keyboard Instruments

  • David Rubio double manual  harpsichord (transposing 415/440)
  • Bruce Kennedy single manual harpsichord (transposing 415/440)
  • Robert Goble 7 pedal harpsichord A440
  • Klop chamber organ single manual continuo instrument with 3 stops (8’4’2’) plus quint (treble only) (transposing 415/440/466), with Klop regal available as add-on
  • Thomas Wess clavichord (after Hass) A415
  • Dereck Adlam fortepiano A430
  • Erard (French) grand piano 1840  c.A440
  • Hoffrichter B206 digital organ

String Instruments and Bows

  • 9 Baroque violins 5 by Alan, Beavitt, 3 by Roland Ross and 1 by Jay Haide
  • 4 Baroque violas by Jonathan Woolston, Chris Johnson, Richard Duke & Nelson
  • 1 viola d’amore by Thomas Hulinsky
  • 3 Baroque celli by David Rubio, George Stoppani and Nelson
  • 1 Baroque double bass by Kai Thomas Roth
  • 6 Viols by Arnold Dolmetsch (2 treble, 2 tenor 2 bass)
  • 3 Viols by Ubel (1 treble 1 alto 1 bass)
  • Baroque bows for all baroque instruments by Richard Wilson
  • 8 Viol bows by Dolmetsch, Mettal and Golz
  • Quartet (2 violins, viola cello)  of bows after Tourte by Philip Brown
  • Modern String quartet by Vincent (2 violins, viola cello) – early 20th Century
  • Modern cello – English c. 1800

Wind and Brass Instruments

  • 5 Natural trumpets (3 by Vanryne, 2 by Meinl & Lauber)
  • 3 Natural horns (two by Meinl and Lauber and one by Raoux) A415
  • 5 Baroque oboes (three by Pau Orriois, two by Jones) A415
  • 2 Baroque bassoons (one by Robert Cronin, one by  Porthaux) A415
  • 4 Traverso flutes (two by Martin Wenner, one by Alain and Stéphanie Weemaels,   one by Bigio) A415
  • 3 Renaissance Flutes by Stanley
  • 2 Moeck Treble recorders after Denner A415
  • Renaissance recorder consort by Kobliczc A440
  • 1 Serpent
  • 2 Ophiclides

Instrument Hire

Many of our string, wind and brass instruments are available for students to hire at a small cost per term. Please the Director of Performance, Maggie Faultless for more information. Once hire has been discussed and agreed with Prof Faultless, the form can be found here.

Instruments from Non-Western Traditions

Outstanding among the Faculty’s collection of instruments from outside the Western tradition is the Gamelan Dutå Laras. This is a complete Javanese bronze gamelan, which can be played in both slendroand pelog scales, consisting of keyed metallophones, gongs, drums, suling, and rebab. It was presented to the University of Cambridge by the government of the Republic of Indonesia in 1983, and is normally in regular use by the Cambridge Gamelan Society.