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Arts Industry

The profundity of Harry
December 2014
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Arts Professional

An energising effect
15March 2015

BBC Music Online

Richard Causton
2 November 2014


The Independent

Modernist master's medieval delights
Michael Church
Published 24 November 2014

The Observer

Secret Theatres
Fiona Maddocks
Published 16 November 2014

The Sunday Times

Strange bedfellows
Paul Driver
Published 23 November 2014

The Times

BCMG/Knussen at King’s College, Cambridge
By Richard Morrison

The Telegraph

Secret Theatres review
By Ivan Hewett
9 November 2014


Concert review
By Peter Quentrell
19 December 2014

Classic Voice

Secret Theatres: Ommagio a Birtwistle
By Gianuigi Mattietti
January 2015