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The Postgraduate Handbook contains a guide your course as well as an overview of key policies and procedures.

For details of of Faculty events including Composers' Workshops, Practising Performance Masterclasses and the Colloquia, visit our events pages.

Alongside the information provided by the Faculty, you may find some of the following links of interest.

Systems and Processes



Changes to your student status

PhD progress

Travel Risk Assessment

Research Support

Archiving Student Data

Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH)

Social Sciences Research Methods Programme (SSRMP)

Guidance for the safe conduct of fieldwork and work away from the University

Management of Ethical Issues

Conference and Event Best Practice (Diversity & Inclusion)

General Information

Cambridge Students Portal


Terms of study and holidays for postgraduate students

Resources for Supervisors (for those supervising undergraduate students)

Wellbeing and Development

Student Wellbeing

Researcher Development Programme

Postgraduate Mental Health Report 2018-19

Cambridge Students' Union

University Careers Service

IT Training Opportunities

Supervising Undergraduates (CCTL Training)

Reporting Issues

Where you have an immediate issue that we could resolve quickly, please do come and talk to us in the Administration Office or pop in to see the Custodian if there's an issue with the facilities. You can also call or email a member of the administrative team or the Director of Postgraduate Studies. There are a number of other feedback routes through to the Faculty but for broader or more serious concerns, the University offers some additional options:

University-wide Student Surveys

Student Complaints Procedures

Preventing harassment and sexual misconduct (Breaking the Silence)


If you would like to see other resources added to this page, please contact the .