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In order to familiarise yourself with assessment processes, you can find details of the Faculty's marking criteria here along with the PhD Submission Guide. You can also read recent Examiners' reports (Cambridge Users only) for further information.

Key Dates 2020-21

For assessment deadlines please see the submission timetable below

PhD in Music

First year registration exercise

15 June 2021

Second year review

by 15 June 2021

Third year presentation

26 May 2021

The Research Training Log can be found here- Research Training Log

Appointment of examiners form can be found here - appointment of examiners form

First year registration exercise form- Registration exercise form

Second year review form - Second year review

Training log form - training log

MPhil in Music

Submission of Portfolio of Abstracts for Musicology & Its Debates

25 November 2020

Submission of Essay for Musicology & Its Debates (all except composers taking Extended Project)

16 December 2020
Composition: Submission of Composition 1 16 December 2020

Performance (recital option): Submission of recital programme

16 December 2020

Submission of dissertation proposal and annotated bibliography or description of final Composition Portfolio and accompanying essay

12 January 2021

Submission of Essay 2

2 April 2021

Submission of Essay 3

9 April 2021

Submission of Composition 2

9 April 2021

Performance: deadline for changes to recital programme

28 April 2021  

MPhil Presentations (all pathways except Composition)

7 May 2021 and 21 May 2021

Performance Studies recitals

June-July 2021

Submission of final dissertations or portfolios

9 July 2021