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Faculty of Music

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Term Dates

Details of Cambridge term dates can be found via the Cambridge Students portal.


Teaching Timetables

Students can create a personalised timetable using the University's Timetable application (  This calendar can then be viewed either online or via a calendar application on your phone or tablet.

Although the Faculty Office will always update the online timetable when we are informed of changes the timetable system can take up to 24 hours to complete an update.  There may also be times when Lecturers make alternative arrangements directly with their students.  For this reason you must take note of instructions from Lecturers and from the Faculty Office of any changes to scheduled lecture times.


New Students

To create a personalised calendar you must have your Raven ID and password. New students will be given this on arrival in Cambridge, or on completion of student registration.  You will receive an email from the Student Registry in late August with registration details.