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Faculty of Music


What stands out for me during my time reading music at Cambridge isn’t just the wealth of academic experiences on offer, but also being surrounded by rich musical experiences as a member of the university and the wider community. There was so much going on, from the opportunity to experience world class choral music on a daily basis to joining college music groups, attending concerts and performances and making music informally with fellow students. I set up a Swing Band at my college which continues to this day, played in the orchestra for a world premiere, heard a huge variety of music performed in different venues and that left me with a wide and open knowledge of music that I was able to take into my first teaching position. Beyond that, it has meant that I have always had great respect for all genres of music and the cultural and social importance of music across the world, which has been of great use working with teachers in education systems outside the UK.

After I graduated, I trained as a classroom music teacher and began my career as the only music teacher in a very challenging school in Hertfordshire. From there I was invited to take on  consultancy for various music organisations in the UK, piloting ideas in my classroom and shaping these into teacher development programmes and resources for teachers. Through this I have been able to continue my interest in academic study of music and music education, alongside my work in the classroom which has always kept me grounded in the day to day realities of music education and teaching. I have learned so much from working with teachers across the world including in government schools in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand as well as with instrumental teachers in China and The Philippines and International School teachers in Europe, Asia and The Middle East. This eventually inspired me and my family to live and work in Thailand where I continue to teach and to develop new teacher professional development courses and resources alongside my classroom role.


Anna Gower has a wealth of experience as an educator, teacher, adviser, project manager and academic and strategic leader. She currently teaches music at St Andrews International School, Bangkok, Thailand and works as a freelance Music Education Consultant.

Alongside a varied classroom teaching career, Anna has overseen the development of new resources and approaches for Music Education, planning and delivering practical workshops, online training and mentoring and in-school consultancy in the UK across the world.